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UPAM activities


The Popular University At Montreal (UPAM in French) is a festive and academic project that will take place during the student strike at UQAM. It is aimed at promoting an education that is open, multidisciplinary, free (as in free speech) and free (as in free bread). Many activities will take place: artistic "happenings", conferences, presentations of research papers, festive activities, debates, workshops, etc. Anyone can participate. We want to promote a dynamic vision of the student movement; one that takes a "conservation" approach aimed at defending our social gains, but also advances a dynamic vision of education.



Activity period: Activities will occur over a five-day period from Monday November 12th through Friday November 16th (excepting the afternoons of November 14th and 15th). Segments are planned from 10:00 AM to noon, from 2L00 PM to 4 PM, and from 7PM to 9 PM.

Open Forum

When and How

Monday the 12th around noon, at the Agora, an Open Forum will allow strikers to propose sessions for the Popular University.

Presentation of the Open Forum

The Open Forum is a method that allows for the emergent organization of a meeting. At the Open Forum, the participants set and manage the agenda, which comprises diverse and concurrent pedagogical spaces, conferences, working groups, and sessions.

This "tried and true" method allows for efficient use of the richness of experience, knowledge and perspectives of an assembly. It also constitutes a simple and powerful method to deploy people where and when it is most urgent. It was used with success for more the fifteen years, and most recently at the Québec Social Forum held at UQÀM in August of 2007.

Gathered at the beginning of the meeting in order to set the agenda, participants who so desire can propose a workshop, a conference, or an activity, for which they will take the responsibility. They place their activity on the time-table, which is mounted on a wall (at the Agora?) and indicate the meeting place (a classroom, a café, etc., based on the space made available by the strike committee). Sessions can be added later by those who wish to do so. Every session's organizer is responsible for holding her or his meeting (in accordance with the time, place and title indicated on the time-table).

Advantages for the Strike and for UPAM

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